Visiting Faculty

Prof. Hyunok Oh
University: Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
Visited: fall 2014 and Spring 2015
Prof. Ozcan Ozturk
Bilkent University, Bilkent/Ankara, Turkey
Visited: fall 2014
Kyoungwoo Lee
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Visited: Spring 2015


Post-doctoral Researchers

Jongeun Lee
Assistant Professor, UNIST, Ulsan, Korea

PhD Graduates

Jing Lu
Current Position: Senior Software Engineer at Apple, Cupertino, CA
Dissertation: Application-aware Performance Optimization for Software Managed Manycores
Graduated: Spring 2019
Moslem Didehban
Current Position: Software Engineer at Cadence, San Jose, CA
Dissertation: Software Techniques For Dependable Execution
Graduated: Fall 2018
Jian Cai
Current Position: Software Engineer, Apple, Cupertino, CA
Dissertation: Scratchpad Management in Software Managed Manycore Architectures
Graduated: Fall 2017
Yooseong Kim
Current Position: Senior R&D Engineer at Synopsys, Mountain View, CA
Dissertation: WCET-Aware Scratchpad Memory Management for Hard Real-Time Systems
Graduated: Spring 2017
Ke Bai
Current Position: Software Engineer at Google, Mountain View, CA
Dissertation: Compiler and Runtime for Memory Management on Software Managed Manycore Processors
Graduated: Spring 2014
Reiley Jeyapaul
Current Position: Senior Research Engineer at ARM, Cambridge, U.K.
Dissertation: Smart Compilers for Reliable and Power-efficient Embedded Computing
Graduated: Spring 2012

Master’s Graduates

Jinn-Pean Lin
Current Position: Software Engineer, BitGlass
Thesis: Optimizing Heap Data Management on Software Managed Manycores
Graduated: Summer 2017
Edward Paul Andert III
Current Position: Intel, Chandler, AZ
Thesis: Crossroads – A Time-Sensitive Autonomous Intersection Management Technique
Graduated: Spring 2017
Dheeraj Lokam
Current Position: ‎SoC Design Engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ
Thesis: InCheck – An Integrated Recovery Methodology for fine-grain Soft-Error Detection Schemes
Graduated: Fall 2016
Karthik Tanikella
Current Position: Software Engineer at Axsys Automation, Scottsdale, AZ
Thesis: GemV: A Validated Micro-architectural Vulnerability Estimation Tool
Graduated: Fall 2015
Russell Dill
Current Position: ‎Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments, Chino Hills, CA
Thesis: Optimization of Multi-Channel BCH Error Decoding for Common Cases
Graduated: Spring 2015
Tushar Rawat
Current Position: Solutions Architect at Shape Security, Mountain View, CA
Thesis: Enabling Multithreaded Applications on Hybrid Shared Memory Many-core Architectures
Graduated: Fall 2014
Shri Rajendran Radhika
Current Position: ‎Graphics Hardware Engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ
Thesis: Path Selection Based Branching for Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Arrays
Graduated: Fall 2014
Dipal Saluja
Current Position: Software Engineer at Mathworks, Nattick, MA
Thesis: Register File Organization for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures: Compiler-Microarchitecture Perspective
Graduated: Summer 2014
Bryce Holton
Current Position: Alaris, Scottsdale, AZ.
Thesis: Construction of GCCFG for Inter-procedural Optimizations in Software Managed Manycore (SMM)
Abhishek Risheekesan
Current Position: Intel Labs, Bangalore, India
Thesis: Quantitative Evaluation of Control-flow based Soft Error Protection Mechanisms
Graduated: Spring 2013
Di Lu
Current Position: Software Engineer at Nokia, San Jose, CA
Thesis: STL on Limited Local Memory (LLM) Multi-core Processors
Graduated: Spring 2012
Jared Pager
Current Position: Software Engineer at Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Thesis: Improving CGRA Utilization by Enabling Multi-threading for Power-efficient Embedded Systems
Graduated: Fall 2011
Fei Hong
Current Position: Staff Software Engineer at Broadcom, Santa Clara, CA
Thesis: UnSync: A Soft-Error Resilient Redundant CMP Architecture
Graduated: Spring 2011
Seung Chul Jung
Current Position: Software Engineer at Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), San Jose, CA.
Thesis: Dynamic Code Mapping for Limited Local Memory Architectures
Graduated: Fall 2010
Saleel Kudchadker
Current Position: Senior Member of Technical Staff at AMD, Sunnyvale, CA
Thesis: Managing Stack Data on Limited Local Memory Multi-core Architectures
Graduated: Spring 2010
Sai Mylavarapu
Current Position: Senior Memory System Architect at Micron, Milpitas, CA.
Thesis: Improving Application Response Times of Nand Flash based Systems
Graduated: Fall 2008
Rooju Chokshi
Current Position: Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond, WA.
Thesis: Residue number system enhancements for programmable processors
Graduated: Fall 2009
Amit Pabalkar
Current Position: Senior System Software Engineer at Nvidia, Santa Clara, CA
Thesis: A Dynamic Code Mapping Technique for Scratch Pad Memories in Embedded Systems
Graduated: Spring 2008
Arun Kannan
Current Position: Software Engineer at Apple, Cupertino, CA
Thesis: A Software-Only Solution for Stack Management on Systems with Scratch Pad Memory
Graduated: Spring 2008

Undergraduate Researchers

Harrison Lubbers
Honors Thesis: Using an Open-Source Solution to Implement a Drone Cyber-Physical System
Graduated: Spring 2018

Visiting Students

Yohan Ko
University: Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Visited: Summer 2017, Feb. 2016
Areas of interest: Reliability estimation on cycle-accurate simulators, Robust software for common CPU and specific hardwares such as CGRA and VLIW, Context-awareness based on machine learning techniques
Hwisoo So
University: Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Visited: Summer 2017-Fall 2017, Summer 2018-Fall 2018
Areas of interest: soft error resilience