gemV – A Early, Fast and Accurate Vulnerability Estimation Tool


gemV is an extension to the popular gem5 multicore simulation framework. gemV includes support for measuring the vulnerability against soft errors of the execution of a program on a processor architecture. Vulnerability is a  measure of the probability that a fault in a hardware-bit of the processor during the execution of a program will result in a failed execution. A fault in a processor may not result in a failure, because it may get masked. There are several masking effects in a processor, including microarchitectural masking, speculative masking, dynamically dead instruction masking etc.

The current version of the tool models the microarchitectural masking effect. A bit location b is not vulnerable at cycle c, if it will be overwritten next. The vulnerability of the program execution in the cycle c is the number of all the vulnerable bit in the processor, and the vulnerability of a program execution on a processor is the sum of a the vulnerability in each cycle.



The gemV Tool can be downloaded from here.

For getting started on gemV, and how to use the tool, see README .

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