• Yooseong received “Outstanding Computer Science Graduating Ph.D. Student of the Year” award for, WCET-Aware Scratchpad Memory Management for Hard Real-Time Systems in SCIDSE, ASU in 2017.
  • Mohammad has been awarded A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellowship by 54th Design Automation Conference.
  • Jian’s paper on “Software Coherence Management on Non-Coherent Cache Multi-cores” received Prof. N. N. Biswas Best Student Paper award at VLSI Design 2016.
  • Abhishek Rhisheekesan received “Outstanding Masters thesis” for, “Quantitative Evaluation of Control-flow based Soft Error Protection Mechanisms” in CSE in SCIDSE, ASU in 2013.
  • Seung-Chul Jung received the “Outstanding Masters thesis” for his thesis, “Dynamic Code Mapping for Limited Local Memory Architectures” in CSE in SCIDSE, ASU in 2011.
  • Reiley’s paper, “Cache Vulnerability Equations for protecting data in embedded processor caches from soft errors”, was the second highest ranked paper at LCTES 2010.
  • Jonghee Yoon’s paper, SPKM: a novel graph drawing based algorithm for application mapping onto coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures” was the best paper award candidate in ASP-DAC 2008.

Lab Mission and Theme

    The mission of Compiler-Microarchitecture Lab is to investigate novel compiler, microarchitectural and hybrid solutions to the challenges faced in computing system design. The compiler determines the static “game plan”, and the microarchitecture can take “runtime decisions”. Working in cohesion, both together can mitigate several challenges faced by embedded system designers today.

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